NOνA Requirements Documents

docid WBS WBS description Title
1596 WBS_X.0.1 Recycler_Ring Specifications for the New Recycler Kickers
1799 WBS_X.0.1 Recycler_Ring Recycler BPM Requirements for Nova ANU
2166 WBS_X.0.1 Recycler_Ring Recycler 53 MHz LLRF System
2741 WBS_X.0.1 Recycler_Ring Recycler 53MHz Design Document
2742 WBS_X.0.1 Recycler_Ring Recycler Upgrades Beamline Design Document
1843 WBS_X.0.2 Main_Injector Main Injector and Recycler Kicker Apertures for the Nova Project
2491 WBS_X.0.2 Main_Injector NOvA ANU Main Injector Bus Bar Review
1619 WBS_X.0.3 NuMI Design Study of the NuMI Medium Energy Target (Task B &C Report of the 2006 Accord between FNAL and IHEP)
2331 WBS_X.0.3 NuMI ANU NuMI Upgrades - Notes on meeting to Eliminate Dummy Module
2416 WBS_X.0.3 NuMI ANU NuMI Upgrades - Notes on meeting to scope Target Chase Cooling Upgrades
3453 WBS_X.0.3 NuMI Target and Horn positions for NOvA
1632 WBS_X.0.4 Beam_Physics NOvA Beam Requirements
152 WBS_X.1 Site_and_Bldg WBS 2.1.1 Site Preparation Work Technical Requirements Document
173 WBS_X.1 Site_and_Bldg WBS Far Detector Building Technical Requirements Document
3993 WBS_X.2 Scintillator Liquid Scintillator Requirements
3979 WBS_X.2 Scintillator Requirements on the NOvA Liquid Scintillator Composition
6063 WBS_X.2 Scintillator QC Criteria for the Acceptance/Rejection of Mineral Oil and Scintillator (New)
535 WBS_X.3 WLS_Fiber Requirements for Wavelength Shifting Fiber
537 WBS_X.4 PVC_Extrusions PVC Material Requirements WBS 1.4.3
539 WBS_X.4 PVC_Extrusions NOvA PVC Extrusion Shipping and Handling Requirements
595 WBS_X.4 PVC_Extrusions Requirements Document for PVC Extrusions
2858 WBS_X.4 PVC_Extrusions Requirement for the Flatness Measurement Instrument of NOvA PVC Extrusions
182 WBS_X.5 PVC_Modules NOvA Extrusion Module Requirements
183 WBS_X.5 PVC_Modules Requirements for machines and fixtures to construct extrusion modules in the module factories.
147 WBS_X.6 Electronics Front End Electronics Requirements
170 WBS_X.6 Electronics APD Module Requirements Document
2191 WBS_X.6 Electronics Requirements for NOvA Optical Connectors
4189 WBS_X.6 Electronics IPND APD Specifications document to Hamamatsu
4534 WBS_X.6 Electronics APD Leakage Current and its Impact on Time Resolutions, Noise Rates, and Required Thresholds (NEW)
34 WBS_X.7 DAQ Data Acquisition Requirements Document
2246 WBS_X.7 DAQ Database Requirements
702 WBS_X.7 DAQ Online Databases Requirements Document
775 WBS_X.7 DAQ Data Acquisition Hardware Requirements Document
2631 WBS_X.7 DAQ Global Trigger Requirements
2332 WBS_X.7 DAQ Error Handling System
1210 WBS_X.7 DAQ Message Passing System Requirements
1877 WBS_X.7 DAQ Run Control
3678 WBS_X.7 DAQ Resource Manager Requirements
1168 WBS_X.7 DAQ Event Builder
3944 WBS_X.7 DAQ Event Dispatcher Requirements
3683 WBS_X.7 DAQ Data Logger Requirements
3786 WBS_X.7 DAQ Data File Transfer System
3769 WBS_X.7 DAQ Monitoring System Requirements
3799 WBS_X.7 DAQ Data Quality Monitoring System Requirements
3664 WBS_X.7 DAQ Data Concentrator Module Functional Requirements
6229 WBS_X.7 DAQ Ash River Control Room Discussion
6836 WBS_X.7 DAQ DAQ Checkout Software GUI Requirements (NEW)
113 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA Block Pivoter Technical Requirements
138 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA Near Detector Scintillator Filling Requirements
141 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA Far Detector Prototypes Requirements
142 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA far detector scintillator filling requirements document
143 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Requirements for the NOvA block stability
144 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Requirements for the NOvA module assembly glue machine
145 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Requirements for the NOvA structural adhesive
394 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Requirements Document Far Detector Installation
404 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Far Detector Electronics Installation  and Checkout Requirements Document
407 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Integration Prototype Near Detector Requirements
413 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Far Detector Mechanical System Requirements
579 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA Requirements Document for the Far Detector North Bookend
580 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Far Detector Alignment Requirements
592 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA Near Detector Electronics & DAQ Infrastructure, Installation & Testing Requirements
596 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA Near Detector Mechanical Systems
601 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA Near Detector Assembly & Installation Requirements
613 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Requirements Document for the Near and Far Detector Scintillator Receiving and Supply  Systems
2622 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Far Detector Pallet Requirements, Fabrication, and Installation Plans
4974 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Block Safety Restraint Beam Review: Safety Constraint Beam review introduction