NOνA Parameter Sheets

docid WBS WBS description Title
1556 WBS_X.0 Accel & NuMI Upgrades NOvA ANU Parameter List
1097 WBS_X.1 Site_and_Bldg Building Envelope Calculations
566 WBS_X.4 PVC_Extrusions Calculation of PVC Mass and Basis of Cost Estimation.  Far Detector Mass is also presented.
1102 WBS_X.4 PVC_Extrusions Extrusion Width and Length
662 WBS_X.6 Electronics Electronics and DAQ design parameters
1114 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Integration Prototype Near Detector Parameters
1136 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy Near Detector Parameters
2066 WBS_X.8_2.9 Near_Far_Detector_Assy NOvA Far Detector Parameters
2954     Key Cost, Schedule, Technical, & Programmatic Assumptions for the NOvA Project