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The NOvA Meeting and Event Calendar

A Google calendar has been set up to track NOvA meetings and events. Some tips for using and contributing:

  • Logging in
  • > You can view the calendar from this web page. To do anything besides view the calendar, you will need to log in. To do that, point your browser to and log in using
    password: (same as is used for the document database)
    If you don't know the password contact me ( and I will tell it to you over the phone.
  • Viewing and adding events
  • Once logged in you will be able to view the sets of calendars associated with NOvA. To add an event, just click on the day the event starts and provide the information.
  • E-Mail Reminders
  • If you would like to get an e-mail reminder of the day's meetings sent to your e-mail address at 5AM in the morning, then subscribe to the nova_calendar e-mail list. To do that, send an e-mail to with a blank subject. In the body of the message, put SUBSCRIBE NOVA_CALENDAR.
  • Merging NOvA's calendar with your personal calendar
  • If you use Google calendar for your other appointments you can share the nova_calendar entries with your personal calendar. To do that click on "Settings","Calendars". Choose a particular calendar to share and click into it. Then click "Shared:Edit Settings". At the bottom of this page you can "ADD A NEW PERSION:" by entering your e-mail address. You will then be able to merge the NOvA calendar with your own personal calendar when you log into Google calendar as yourself.

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