The elected Executive Committee positions are for two year terms, retiring members may be renominated. The current members of the EC are:

May 2017-May 2019

Gary Feldman
Mayly Sanchez
Louise Suter
Patricia Vahle

May 2016-May 2018

Alex Himmel
Alex Sousa
Ryan Patterson
Jon Paley

Young NOvA member (Jan 2017-Jan 2019)

Kanika Sachdev


Mark Messier (Co-spokesperson)
Peter Shanahan (Co-spokesperson)
Jeff Hartnell (IB chair)
Rob Plunket (Operations Manager)
Gavin Davies (Run Coordinator)

Former Members

Stan Wojcicki
Brian Rebel
Jim Musser
Craig Dukes
Rich Talaga
Marvin Marshak
Leon Mualem
Bill Miller
Ken Heller
Andrew Norman
Minerba Betancourt (young NOvA member)
Mat Muether (young NOvA member)
Gavin Davies (young NOvA member 2015-2017 & run coordinator)
Jaroslav Zalesak (Run Coordinator)