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Collaboration Meetings

  • Dates for our upcoming collaboration meetings can be found on the calendar page.
  • The meeting structure is usually: Working groups Thursday - Saturday. Plenary sessions Friday-Sunday. We typically start at 9am on the Thursday and end around noon on the Sunday.
  • The summer meeting is typically 5 days, Monday-Friday, with the first plenary at 9am on Monday morning and the final session finishing on the Friday afternoon.

Ash River Site Information

    NOvA Far Detector Building
    10709 Bright Star Rd
    Orr, MN 55771
    Fax (218)374-2410

Information for new collaborators

  • New collaborators should apply for a Fermilab ID and Fermilab and NOvA computing privileges. Instructions can be found by following this link
  • New collaborators should also apply for access to the experiment document database using either a DOE grid certificate or a password. For password access, please e-mail .
  • New collaborators should request to join the NOvA Slack messaging application. Send requests to Gavin Davies ( and/or Alex Himmel (
  • New collaborators should subscribe to the collaboration e-mail and any additional lists shown below dedicated to the topics that interest them. To subscribe to a list compose an e-mail to Leave the subject section of the mail blank and include the line: subscribe nova_collaboration . The list name nova_collaboration could be replaced with any of the e-mail lists shown below.
    Lists of collaboration wide interest
    nova_collaboration Overall list for all collaborators.
    nova_fnal_collaboration Collaboration members based at Fermilab
    nova_calendar For automatic meeting reminders
    young_nova Mailing list for students and post-docs on NOvA
    Beamline and detector working groups
    nova_anu Accelerator and NuMI upgrade working group
    nova-daq DAQ working group
    nova-daq-software DAQ software working group
    nova-elec Electronics working group
    nova_assembly Detector assembly working group
    nova_block_instrumentation Block instrumentation working group
    nova_dcs NOvA Detector Control Systems working group
    nova_nd_installation Near detector installation working group
    Physics and analysis working groups
    nova_offline Main discussion group for all things related to nova offline software, data processing, and analysis
    nova_production Data and MC offline production working group
    novadb NOvA database development working group
    novadb-users Users of the NOvA database
    nova_calib Calibration and alignment working group
    nova_beam Beam simulation and data working group
    nova_sim Detector simulation working group
    nova_nue Electron neutrino charged-current and neutral-current physics working group
    nova_numucc Muon neutrino charged-current physics working group
    nova_nuint Near detector physics working group
    nova_nus NC/Sterile working group
    nova_exotics Exotics physics working group
    nova_testbeam Test beam module working group
    scinova SciNOvA working group
    Technical boards, committees etc.
    nova_ib NOvA IB members
    nova_conveners The NOvA collaboration working group leaders
    nova-techboard The NOvA project technical board
    nova_anu_l3 Nova project: ANU L3 managers
    nova_anu_14 Nova project: ANU L4 managers
    Expert lists
    nova-admin Cluster administrators
    nova-daq-admin DAQ cluster administrators
    nova-dcs-alarms On-call DCS experts
    novadb-support NOvA database support
    nova_docdb Document database administrators
    nova_runcoodinator Contact list for NOvA run coordinators

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