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February 2018 -- NOvA Collaboration meeting at University of Texas at Austin

NOvA is an experiment to study the strange shape-shifting properties of neutrinos, the most abundant form of matter in the universe.

On January 12th (2018) our latest oscillation results were presented for the first time at a Fermilab Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics (JETP) seminar. A recording of the seminar can be viewed at this link and the presentation slides can be accessed from here
The results were produced using nearly 50% more data and improvements to the analysis. Our joint-fit analysis of muon neutrino disappearance and electron neutrino appearance prefers mixing near-maximal with a competitive measurement of . The analysis is approaching Inverted Hierarchy rejection.

We are looking forward to analyzing our first antineutrino data this summer!

Please see the Publications page for a full list of NOvA publications.

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