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The NOvA Detectors The NOvA detectors are optimized to provide efficient electron neutrino identification using a technology which can be scaled to very large mass. The NOvA detectors are constructed from liquid scintillator contained inside extruded PVC modules. The far detector, located near Ash River, has a total mass of 14 kilotons and be 15.7 meters wide, 15.7 meters tall, and 78 meters long. A smaller copy of the far detector will be constructed in the NuMI beam on the Fermilab site to measure the neutrino event rates prior to oscillation.

The NOvA Collaboration
The NOvA collaboration consists of 200 scientists and engineers from 35 institutions. This photo was taken at Fermilab NDOS in June 2011.

Accelerator and NuMI Upgrades Part of the NOvA project includes upgrades to the accelerator and neutrino beam lines (ANU). With the conclusion of the Collider program the Recycler ring, which is currently used as an anti-proton storage ring, can be re-commissioned as a pre-injector to the Main Injector ring. This modification with allow roughly a factor of two increase in beam power while increasing the beam intensity in the Recycler and Main Injector by only 10%, bringing the total beam power delivered to NOvA to 700 kW.

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